The Future of Enterprise IT and CIOs in the Cloud World

Enterprise IT has witnessed a series of changes over the past decades. With the rapid move towards adoption of cloud services, the impact of changes on enterprise IT has never been more profound. This is changing the traditional role of enterprise IT as the main entity for providing and supporting IT systems and services to becoming a broker and manager of IT services for a hybrid portfolio of IT services acquired externally or provisioned internally. Currently, much of IT service innovation in cloud services domain is focused on the service provider side. Not much attention has been given to the challenges at the service consumer side for designing, acquiring, operating and managing a portfolio of services.
In the following article, we discuss the trends and the changes that cloud services bring to enterprise IT and present a framework for a novel technology solution that supports the service consumer role of IT (published in IEEE Computer, and slightly modified version available as an HP Labs Technical Report)

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  1. Beautiful idea and implementation. Thanks for sharing (especially the implementation notes).

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