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Process Analytics Book

Recently with a number of colleagues, Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti, Boualem Benatallah, Sherif Sakr, Daniela GrigoriMoshe Chai Barukh, Ahmed Gater, and Seung Hwan Ryu, we have published a book on the topic of data analytics for business processes.

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The book offers a technical introduction to the field of process analytics, and presents the state of the art in research and practical techniques of process analytics. It covers a large body of knowledge including process data querying, analysis, matching and correlating process data and models to assist practitioners as well as researchers in understanding underlying concepts, problems, methods, tools and techniques for modern process analytics. The book also provides a review of commercial process analytics tools, and their practical applications.

The book has been forworded by Prof. Fabio Casati, from University of Trento in Italy, who is an expert and thought leader in this space.

Intrigued to check it out, you’ll find the soft and hard copies here on Amazon. Let us know what you think here on the post, and/or on Twitter @ProcessAnalytic.


More Info: Process Analytics Book Page.