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From Services to Cogs and Journey to Cognitive BPM

Earlier this year, I gave a keynote at 2017 IEEE Joint Conferences on BigData Service, and 11th IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE 2017) with a focus on Cognitive Assistant in the Enterprise, and Cognitive Services. There was requests to share the slides, which is released below with a bit of delay, hopefully it’s still relevant.

The talk went into two key areas:

  • Services, and cognitive: how the software architecture for services is impacted by cognitive technology, and the software architecture and methods for cognitive services, and in particular enterprise cognitive assistants, usually with a chatbot interface, as well
  • Cognitive business process management: how cognitive technologies is fundamentally impacting and enabling the automation of a large school of manual processes in the enterprise, and in personal space, for that matter, through cognitive understanding of processes that are described and interacted among people, as opposed to prescribed in models.

In each of technologies, I also provided concrete examples and, some from my own work, with related references.