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Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad is technology visionary, innovator and researcher. He is a Research Staff Member, and Data Analytics Project Lead at IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA, where he focuses on leading R&D in data nalytics (predictive analyitics, text analytics, and NLP) in services, and the applications of cognitive computing in studying how people work and interact.

He is a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, where he is involved in the supervision of master and PhD students in big data and analytics, business processes and crowdsourcing. He was a Senior Research Scientist at HP Labs, Palo Alto, USA (2008-2013). He is a founder, the product strategist and was the CTO of, UniCitizen, Inc., which is a network for supporting the professional development and next generation online learning of students and young professionals.

Hamid has received a PhD in computer science and engineering from UNSW, Australia. He is also a graduate of the Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), USA. Hamid’s research work has been widely published in conferences such as WWW, ICDE, BPM, CAiSE, EDOC, ICSOC and journals such as IEEE TKDE, VLDBJ, IEEE Trans. on Services Computing, IEEE Computer and Internet Computing. Hamid is an invited speaker for a number of workshops and conferences such as BPM 2011 and ER 2011. Hamid has served as a reviewer of reputable international journals and as PC Chair and Industrial Track Chairs of a number of international conferences including BPM’2015, EDOC’2013, ICSOC’2011, BPM’2011, and ECOWS‘2010, and in the program committees of international conferences and workshops in the Web, data management, service computing, business process management and collaboration fields.

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