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Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad is technology visionary, innovator and researcher. He has an extensive experience in leading R&D organizations and programs with a focus in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Process Management. 

Currently, Hamid is Head of AI Science at EY AI Lab, Palo Alto, in EY Global Technology Innovation where he is leading applied AI projects for global AI Labs. He is holding an Honorary Professor of Computer Science position at the Macquarie University, Australia. His background and interest lies in the areas of AI, NLP, conversational AI, data science, intelligent RPA, AI services and AI in business process management.

As an Research and Innovation Lead, he has led global industrial research departments and groups with a focus on conducting cutting-edge scientific research and envisioning and leading the creation of innovative products and services from inception to successful product creation and deployments, working closely with senior business leaders, engineering leaderships, and product and client stakeholders including large and small businesses and government organizations. He has secured fundings and business sponsorship for innovative research projects from within businesses and jointly from government sources. In his tenure, he has led global innovation programs with multidisciplinary and geographically distributed teams of scientists, engineers and business stakeholders.

In his academic and research roles, Hamid has chaired the research and industrial tracks of a number of reputable scientific conferences and workshops. His work has been widely published in top international conferences, journals and magazines, books, and holds a dozen of patents. He has been an invited speaker in a number of academic and industrial conferences and workshops.

Hamid led research teams who have received INFORMS Analytics award, multiple IBM Corporate Innovation Awards, IBM Global Technology Outlook (GTO), Outstanding Research Accomplishment Awards and Innovation Plateaus from IBM Research. During his tenure with IBM, Hamid was a member of IBM Academy of Technology, which is a selected community of technology leaders across IBM.

 Hamid has received a PhD in computer science and engineering from School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW, Australia. He is also a graduate of the Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), USA

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