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IDTitlePublication DateLink
WO-2020210791-A1Machine learning based extraction of partition objects from electronic documents 10/15/20Link
US-2020160239-A1Cognitive process enactment 5/21/20Link
US-2020090202-A1System for cognitive assessment of transactions 3/19/20Link
US-2020090198-A1System for cognitive deal pricing 3/19/20Link
US-2020089806-A1Method of determining probability of accepting a product/service 3/19/20Link
US-2019303878-A1Cognitive meeting scheduling system 10/3/19Link
US-2019236486-A1Personalized auto-triage of communications 8/1/19Link
US-2019220801-A1Predicting the probability of opportunities to be won from organization information 7/18/19Link
US-2019130029-A1Comparing tables with semantic vectors 5/2/19Link
US-2019087755-A1Cognitive process learning 3/21/19Link
US-2019087731-A1Cognitive process code generation 3/21/19Link
US-2018336489-A1Automatic rule learning in shared resource solution design 11/22/18Link
US-2018336503-A1Model-driven and automated system for shared resource solution design 11/22/18Link
JP-2017168129-AElectronic health record system with customizable compliance policies 9/21/17Link
US-2018005253-A1Revenue prediction for a sales pipeline using optimized weights 1/4/18Link
US-2017316436-A1Context-aware curve-fitting for pipeline value prediction 11/2/17Link
US-2017300964-A1Estimating the future bounds of time-sensitive metrics 10/19/17Link
US-2017269971-A1Migrating enterprise workflows for processing on a crowdsourcing platform 9/21/17Link
US-2017199866-A1Adaptive learning of actionable statements in natural language conversation 7/13/17Link
US-2017200093-A1Adaptive, personalized action-aware communication and conversation prioritization 7/13/17Link
US-2017161660-A1Predicting event types and time intervals for projects 6/8/17Link
US-10282468-B2Document-based requirement identification and extraction 5/7/19Link
US-2016379229-A1Predicting project outcome based on comments 12/29/16Link
US-2015312107-A1Composition of Services 10/29/15Link
EP-3008675-A2Distributed worker-sourced process engineering 4/20/16Link
US-D735732-SDisplay screen with graphical user interface 8/4/15Link
US-2014215472-A1Task management 7/31/14Link
US-9170993-B2Identifying tasks and commitments using natural language processing and machine learning 10/27/15Link
US-2014214494-A1Context-aware information item recommendations for deals 7/31/14Link
EP-2915131-A1Case management using active entities in a social network 9/9/15Link
US-2015242771-A1Generating an output based on collecting information relating to a case 8/27/15Link
WO-2014051631-A1Electronic health record system with customizable compliance policies 4/3/14Link
US-2013238375-A1Evaluating email information and aggregating evaluation results 9/12/13Link
US-2013238521-A1Interpreting requests and providing responses in the context of a process 9/12/13Link
US-2014297357-A1Recommending production plans 10/2/14Link
EP-2774107-A4Email tags 7/8/15Link
US-9646054-B2Matching of cases based on attributes including an attribute relating to flow of activities 5/9/17Link
US-2013054301-A1Process refinement 2/28/13Link
US-2014164051-A1Recommending a Next Step to Take in a Case 6/12/14Link
US-8732094-B2Enforcement of security requirements for a business model 5/20/14Link
US-2012023544-A1Data assurance 1/26/12Link
US-9633332-B2Generating machine-understandable representations of content 4/25/17Link
US-2011264592-A1Template-based technique for making a best practices framework actionable 10/27/11Link
US-2011264483-A1Dynamic collaborative adaptation of a business activity in a business activity management system 10/27/11Link
US-8495203-B1Discovering and modeling service protocols 7/23/13Link